Optimum Nutrition – Naturally

Suitable for all horses – Simple adjustment
quantity to meet individual needs making it
ideal for both individuals and mixed stables

No need for expensive supplements –
TOTAL is balanced to optimum levels and
contains everything your horse needs as a
complement to forage, and more

Can be fed close to or during competition as does not provoke Insulin ‘spikes’ and subsequent fatigue, unlike cereal based, high energy feeds

Personal dietary service from a qualified
physiologist/nutritionist with over 20 years
experience in equine clinical and sports nutrition

Made fresh to order in a selection of quantities and delivered direct to your horse – saves time & cost

What Nature Intended

Cereal free – low in starch & sugar

No added molasses

Optimum nutrient profile to current research standards

No GM Ingredients, soya or alfalfa

Natural antioxidants

Naturally palatable – horses love it!