Not Just a Treat…

We build a bond of trust when we Reward our horses for positive behaviour, and feeding our treats has the double benefit of supporting health and intestinal equilibrium.

Every treat offers a mouthful of multi species natural plants, with added Magnesium, Turmeric, Linseed and Beneficial Herbs to support your horse’s health and align with a holistic, supportive plant diet.

Our Treats have been designed to be suitable for horses/ponies with metabolic issues, laminitis and gastric ulcers.

TOTAL Rewards are made from 100% natural ingredients and do not contain:-
Alfalfa, Molasses, GM material or artificial additives/preservatives.

Our tasty treats include:

Magnesium:  Aids muscle and nerve function and helps balance soil/grass deficiency.
Turmeric:  Anti-inflammatory
Multi species Meadow grass:  Natural fibres for microbiome health and stability.
Oat husk fibre:  High fibre, low starch husk for digestible fibre and gut motility.
Chamomile:  Calming and soothing
Spearmint:  Anti-spasmodic and digestive
Rosemary:  Antioxidant rich to help cleanse free radicals and toxins
Thyme:  High in vitamins C and A for immune support
Marjoram:  Cardiovascular and Digestive support
Linseed:  Omega 3 and 6 in balanced ratio for nerve, coat, skin and hoof health

We hand pack our treats and despatch with Free Delivery, by courier every Wednesday,

Please place your order by midnight on Tuesday to ensure we receive in time.

Free Delivery is approximately 48-72 hours.


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