TOTAL – Nature’s Nutrition

All equines have evolved as ‘trickle feeding herbivores’, designed to roam, browse, and graze on a wide variety of grasses, plants, herbs, bark and hedgerows. The once wild plains and meadowlands provided a vast range of plant species for the grazers, and their microbiome would flourish and proliferate. As the immune system largely resides in the caecum and large intestine, this simple act of multispecies grazing, ensured horses were naturally healthy and able to thrive as a species.

In modern day, much of the grazing land has been laid for agricultural use, therefore single-species, high protein grasslands are common. With this in mind, we have included 13 grass species in TOTAL, along with a selection of beneficial herbs to replace the missing elements of the grazing diet and give nature back to the horse!

Nourish & Flourish with TOTAL

One Feed is All You Need

As an Equine Physiologist I understand that all horses have the same digestive system but with individual energy and metabolic needs to be considered depending on their life and work status. The TOTAL Horse Feed Concept meets these needs as it contains gut-friendly, digestible ingredients which supply sustainable energy without causing acidosis or disrupting the sensitive equine digestive system and microbiome. Along with digestible energy, TOTAL contains optimum nutrients to research standards, along with omega oils, balanced vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, herbs and probiotic.

The Feeding System works by simply adjusting individual quantities to balance the forage portion of the diet and meets all nutrient and energy needs depending on your horse’s life-stage, environment, and work output. In addition, daily quantities can be adjusted through seasonal variation and changes in your horse’s daily routine/work without disruption to the sensitive microbiome and digestive system.

From a management perspective, feed ranges and supplements are not needed, so feeding a mixed group of horses makes daily management simple and safe for everyone, regardless of who is on feed duty!

One Feed – ‘All Horses, All Life-Stages