We are very happy to announce our bespoke, unique Healthy Rewards for Horses, thoughtfully formulated to benefit and nourish all horses and ponies.

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TOTAL – ‘Feed For Life

 The TOTAL Horse Feed Concept was born from a need. Over two decades ago, Equine Physiologist, Linda Bennis BSc (Hons), was seeking out suitable feeds for clients who were looking to help their horses achieve health and well-being. Linda soon realised that there were no suitable, cereal-free, complete, nutritious feeds that she could honestly recommend, so set about formulating and developing a complete feed concept which was not only compatible to the equine digestive system, but would help horses maintain digestive equilibrium and thrive from the inside out

Since then, horses across Europe have enjoyed the benefits of TOTAL, from young to old in all walks of life and work. Due to the unique formulation and compatibility to the horse’s sensitive digestive system, TOTAL can be safely fed to all horses in all disciplines and life-stages. Our TOTAL Horse Feed Concept takes the complexity and guess work out of feeding different horses with a range of feeds or unnecessary expensive supplements. The high digestibility and health enhancing properties of TOTAL means that simple quantity adjustment is all that is needed to meet your individual horse’s daily energy and nutrient requirements.

My Story

I was born loving animals, especially horses, wanting nothing more than to understand and nurture them from the inside out. This led me to a degree in Equine Science & Physiology where I graduated with a First-Class Honours in 1997. During this time, the research for my thesis was carried out at the Veterinary University in Córdoba, in the heart of Andalucia, Spain. It was here I discovered the plight of Iberian horses, who were suffering endemic diet related diseases such as colic, laminitis and gastric ulceration. This was the catalyst and inspiration to research and develop a holistic, complete and highly nutritious horse feed which would not only nourish all horses, but help to heal them from the inside out.

Over the Centuries

Environment, habitat and feeding practices have changed enormously for the horse, often to suit our lifestyle and routine. In general, horses have adapted well to most of the demands and changes imposed on them, and in some respects, their lifestyle and conditions have improved greatly.

However, despite being far removed from grazing the open plains, the horse’s digestive physiology has not evolved for 21st Century living and remains that of a ‘trickle feeding herbivore’ designed for digesting a varied selection of fibrous foliage throughout the day/night. It is proven that Feral horses who graze in herds and follow natural equine behaviour patterns do not suffer metabolic and digestive disorders which are so commonly seen today. Therefore, we need to understand the causes and impact that the modern-day equine diet is having on our horses and look back at their natural, evolved feeding behaviour.

The Inspiration

Inspiration through knowledge and awareness of the species we love and care for.

Horses have been an integral part of our history and lives for thousands of years. They have carried and pulled us, protected us, fought with us and been beside us for as long as we can remember. In more recent times, they have become leisure and pleasure companions and carried us to glory in sport & competition in all spheres. We believe it is now our turn to give back and really consider them for the species they are, regardless of the job they do or the role they play in our lives.

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