EMS recovery with TOTAL and Powering my GP Dressage Horse

I came into contact with TOTAL Horse Feed through a customer of our water training business. Her horses ate TOTAL and I was curious about the feed. As my horse Ichi’s mother became became ill with EMS, I was anxious to find a feed with low values in sugar and starch, so we changed to TOTAL and saw a huge change in our mare. Since then, all our horses have been changed over to TOTAL and are healthy & performing well.

TOTAL is a feed that suits all horses. It provides an even level of energy and contains everything the horse needs. My horses look healthy in their coats and musculature. A little tip: It works great to give TOTAL a boost when you have to make sure the horse gets fluid, for example in connection with long journeys and competitions.

Sandra Dahlin and International GP Dressage mare, Ichi

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