The Whole Picture

When owners contact us with horses suffering from disease, anxiety, or poor performance, we feel it is important to look at the whole picture to know if there is something less obvious which may be causing or contributing to the issue.

Whilst in our long-term experience, most feed related issues can be resolved with a TOTAL diet, from time to time, we may recommend analysis, including hay, soil, and microbiome. This information gives us the insight we need for a deeper understanding of your horse’s nutritional status, which enables us to recommend and formulate a suitable diet and nutritional plan.

When we see The Whole Picture – we can offer a TOTAL Solution

Microbiome Analysis

The Equibiome Faecal Test uses state of the art technology to count and identify the complex diverse community within the horse’s hind gut. Problems within the gastrointestinal tract of horses are common, ulcers in the foregut are treated based on symptoms and endoscopy though no such information or diagnostic tool exists for the hind gut. The information from the Equibiome test will help the horse owner to identify imbalances and manage the diet to suit the gut community. Between 500-1,200 bacterium are identified, allowing the horse owner to make better decisions to promote and prolong health.

DNA microbiome analysis is complex, so please allow 8-10 weeks from the time we receive your sample. You will receive the results and our dietary recommendations by email.